Sunday, July 8, 2012

Evan is 1

Hello Everyone,
I;m resting after a hot Sunday afternoon in San Diego.  Dan and I had dinner with Dare as usual.  It was very nice, and air conditioned.  It's cooler now, I feel good  and I'm listening to Baroque opera on Pandora.

Here's Evan with kisses from Mommy. Not walking or talking yet, but trying both.

Here are some pics from Evan's 1st B-day.

Here's one with Nate, but a bit older.  Lately his hair is growing in.  So you can tell this one is a couple of months old.

Here are a few of nice flowers at Peter's.

and the roses Dan got him

I have pics from the birthday party, but the sync is not happening right now so I can't post them yet.  I'll post as soon as my technical difficulties are solved.

Lilo is about, looking for a cool spot to nap. She sez, Hi!


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