Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bowling? Maybe not!

It's a warm Thursday barely-morning after a steamy day in San Diego. My mood is pretty good.   I'm listening to some juicy Bossa Nova on   What is it about Portuguese?  They could read a grocery list to the music and it would sound sexy.

I don't usually complain much in my blog, I find it unseemly, but I guess I should clarify the bowling post from Sunday night. Turns out, Arnold I'm not.

Well, some of you that know me, know that I have a pretty serious case of Sjogrens, a form of arthritis.  So on Sunday I was not exactly bowling in the usual way.  Not being able to hold the ball in the usual way was, however, not a problem to a resourceful person like me.  I two-handed the light weight  "baby ball" the lanes folks gave us for my grandson to use, and I was able to get it down the lane. We had the "bumpers" up on the sides so that the ball can't go into the gutter, so it's more like shooting pool, with the ball careening back and forth as it staggers toward the pins, but staying in the lane.  Lots of fun.  I had a great time. World's worst score, but fun.  However, I have been paying the price for this fun the last few days.  Nothing really works right, but especially my hands, most especially the right one.  Oh, well.  I've been dipping them in the hot wax therapy.  Some years ago I had a carpal tunnel operation done and the physical therapist used the hot wax to loosen things up so that she could work on me.  So, I got a hot wax machine at her suggestion  (sold in the beauty supply store as a cosmetic item).  I use it from time to time, especially in the winter.  Well, it's been in use all right this week, LOL.  Maybe not bowling next time.  We just did one line.  Dan sat out and watched the rest of us get silly, maybe he was the smart one.

I've been making lots of fun crocheted juzu beads in bright and pretty colors.  Maybe I'll post the pattern if I can figure out how to describe what I do. I give them away as fast as I make them.  But I'm really clumsy right now with the right hand not working normally.  Sigh, soon I'm be a "happy hooker" again,  LOL.

Lilo is busy guarding the front door.  Earlier I had it open for the nice cool evening air and a big old gray tom cat tried to come into the house.  She hissed at him and puffed up as big as possible, so I shut the door.  Now she is on guard.  This afternoon I put some catnip on the little rug next to the computer where she likes to wait for me to finish using the computer or blogging.   She just loves that.  She rolls around on it and gets kitty-drunk. Poor thing, now her mood is spoiled and she is on high alert.

See ya soon,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bowling, anyone

Hello, Everyone,

It's a very warm Indian Summer Sunday late night, following a scorching hot day, complete with triple digit temps and the hot, Easterly winds we old time San Diegans call "Santa Ana's" .  I know it's a misnomer, but that's what we call them just the same.   I'm listening to cooling guitar music from the Restful Mind.  I feel great other than being a bit hot.  Life is good!

Dan stopped by the grand opening of a new Fresh and Easy grocery store this morning and won a $25 gift card.  Way to go, Dan.

I had a fun day.  I went to a lovely Buddhist meeting at Evelyn's house and then took her with me to have Thai food with the kids for my birthday at, you guessed it, Amarin Thai.   Aey was our server and she is very nice.  She made me a special plate of home-made tasting coconut ice cream with whipped cream and a birthday candle.  We sang and it was fun.  Thank you, Dare.

Then we went bowling, LOL. 

First time I've bowled in maybe 10 years.  Great fun.  Nate was so cute.  
He bowled pretty good for a kid, beating me.  His mom skunked all the rest of us.  She was in triple digits.  I bowled a 49.  With the kiddy bumpers up.   I actually did the comedy thing where the ball flies off your fingers backwards at the people in the sitting area, LOL.  I get the prize for world's worst score, but it was fun.

When it was time to go Nate was sad.  He was having a great time.

Well, we had a lot of silly fun at the bowling alley.  Thank you, Ambie.

Then, we had adventures.  When we went to leave the bowling alley, the car would not start.  There were some guys hanging out in front of the Bowling Alley who helped us push start the car - Thanks, Guys.

Then we drove to the nearby auto parts store, and Dare bought me a new battery. I really appreciate it.  Thank you.

Then the guy from the auto parts store installed it, while we sat in the shade and had cool drinks.  Thank you, Auto parts store Guy.

Then we took Dare home, then Evelyn, then home for us and a well earned nap.  All's well that ends well.

My friend Eri is expecting this winter, so I am knitting baby stuff.  I'll post pics when I get them done.  Baby stuff is so cute and so much fun to knit.  Especially for a winter baby.  Snugly little sweaters, darling booties and hats, etc.  When I finish blogging I'll get back to the cute baby sweater with a flower petal yoke I've been working on.

Lilo sez "hello" to her adoring fans, swishing back and forth, stroking my leg with her tail in a all her pristine whiteness.  She likes to help me blog and it's too hot to sleep anyway. 

Time to go and find an icy cold drink.  Dean Martin is playing now, "Ain't that a kick in the pants", so he must have suggested it to me, LOL.   With 3 maraschino cherries and maybe some gown-up beverage additions, LOL.  Hey, Dan, you tending bar tonight? 

Julie (with Lilo posing prettily and Dan tending bar)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thai one on

It's late Sunday night in San Diego, I'm ok and the weather was lovely all day.   I'm listening to Ottmar Liebert play "Summer of Joy" on Sky.

I enjoyed a Buddhist study meeting this afternoon. This is the material we discussed if you are interested.

I finished some beautiful socks, dark green with cream and multi color work, but I can't show them until I give them, as the recipient reads this blog.

This evening we went to Amarin Thai again.  Wow, are they great cooks!  We had the Tom Kha soup (creamy and flavorful), the beef salad (wonderful rare beef), chicken satay (moist and tender), Mambo Mambo Chicken curry with rice (wow! best flavor curry ever, my fav), beef pad thai (Dare loves this, but I like more egg and other adornments), garlic pepper shrimp (crunchy and garlic-ey, on a bed of sauteed shredded cabbage, more garlic than you can imagine, Dan's fav).  There was plenty left over for Dare's lunch tomorrow.  Next time maybe we'll try the tiger beef.

For a little quickie place in a Mira Mesa strip mall, the food is amazing.  The servers are nice girls, helpful and and attentive.  Good attitudes all around.  Prices excellent for the level of quality of the food.  I'd go again in a heartbeat. They play this interesting modern Bassa Nova music, very sexy sound.  Like this 
'Way cool.

Lilo is meowing at me.  She wants to go to bed.  Ok, Lilo.  I'm coming soon.

'Night all,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New shrug and Shannon's shower

Hello, Everyone,
It's a chilly late night after a warm Tuesday, very fall-ish.  I feel ok, bit of a sinus thing going on.  It makes me want to sleep a lot during the day, then I can't sleep at night, sigh.  I was listening to Paul Schoenfield: Cafe Music on KUSC, now it's Segovia playing Schumann.

I'm crocheting a filet heart doily from   He has some very interesting stuff.  I want to learn his Delta crochet, it's like filet, but triangles instead of squares.  Interesting stuff.  

I finished a new shrug.  It's based on an interesting baby jacket construction.  It's a puzzle sweater in the same way the BSJ is one, you make a very odd shape with lots of increases and then seam a few short seams and , Voila, a sweater emerges.  This one is a different odd shape from the BSJ, but the puzzle concept is the same.  I took a baby sweater, removed the sleeves, upsized radically, and it's a shrug for me. 

Sunday I went to a shower with Heather for Shannon.

 It was fun.  Lots of silly shower games.
Here she is with her grandmother, Betty.  I had a great time.

We went to dinner with Dare at Amarin Thai on Mira Mesa Blvd.  Yum, yum.  We're talking about going back next Sunday.  Spicy but oh-so good.  

Lilo gave up on me and went to sleep.  I'd better get in myself.

Good night,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heather's mother of the groom jacket

Hello, Everyone,

Well, it's good to get back online.  My computer died after a week inthe computer ER and I'm trying to get everything working on the new one now.  I went through major internet withdrawls.  Bur we're good, now, if I can only get everything set up right and working again.

It's a warm summer night after a lovely warm (but not terribly hot) summer Labor-Day-Sunday.  I feel good.  I'm listening to random music from my library via randmp3.exe.  Right now it's playing Klezmer music.  I have an eclectic library of music.  Now it's "Only the Lonely".    LOL.

I enjoyed World Peace Prayer this morning, then a nice steak on the barbie lunch with Dan, then an afternoon pool party at Larry's, then had a nice dessert with Dare since we usually do Sunday evening together and by then I was 'way too full for dinner.  

I've been doing a lot of juzu beads, but I can't show them to you, since I don't have the camera sync working yet on the new computer.  Working on it.  Tech support says I need to buy a new $40 adapter, Sigh.

Heather finished her jacket for her son's wedding in Oct.

Circular construction with fou-fou yarn and sparkle yarn at the outer edge and the sleeve edges.  Really cute on her.  Right now she is closing it with a shawl pin.  She could add a button if she wanted, but she is still thinking about that. 

She had a really great benefit last Tuesday.  She and Ron were at the hospital for a routine doctor's visit in the same building, when they decided to walk downstairs and have breakfast in the cafeteria.  As they passed the ER, Ron began experiencing chest pains.  The staff whisked him right in and he got instant care.  One stent later they released him to go home and today, Sunday, he came out to World Peace Prayer!!! Talk about a speedy recovery.   If you have to have a heart attack, that's the place to do it!  A few feet from the ER...

Here's the piece he sent family and friends.

Talk about protection....

Lilo is helping me blog and sends hugs and kisses to her adoring fans... silly kitty.  She knows she is so pretty and white and oops, not so clean tonight.  I wonder what she was doing.  No collar again.  She is the darndest cat for losing her collar when out on adventures.  I always get her the breakaway kind.  This last time she also lost the nice name and phone number tag Amber got her.  Sigh.  Have to get her a membership in the Collar-of-the-month Club, LOL.

Nite, All,
Julie and Lilo