Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner with Berta

Hi, Everyone,

It's a lovely, dry Saturday evening after a rainy morning in San Diego.  I feel fine, and I'm listening to Classical Guitar on  Lilo is missing in action, outside taking advantage of the dry weather.

My friend Berta came by and we cooked dinner together, Tortilla Espanola, mixed salad and spinach with bacon.

Yummy, huh!?

Nate was with us today, but he went home with his mom earlier.

See ya,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

once again, with feeling

Hello, Everyone,

It's a nice Tuesday evening after a coolish October day in San Diego.  I just got home from a Buddhist meeting to find that the Video I left up loading onto the blog at 7 pm has finished by now.

Well, I got a different copy of the wedding video from my brother-in-law, Ron, and here it is.  I hope you can see it now.   Ahem, please notice the hand knit veil. Enjoy!

Lilo wants a snack.  I'm off tho the kitchen to get it for her.


dinner with Evva at Mario's

Hi, Everyone,

It's a cool Monday night after a rainy fall day in San Diego. I feel fine.  No music tonight. 

I'm sewing on a "sock bug", a bug shaped bag the right size to hold a sock knitting project.  Hmmm, I'll show you when I'm done.  It's cute.

Saturday night we had dinner with Evva at Mario's Fiesta Maya in Huntington Beach.

Lots of fun to get everyone together.    It's nice to see Evva once in a while, she lives so far away.  Nate had to sit with Grampa, of course.  Grampa had his "World's Best Upside-down Grampa" tee shirt on.   Dare couldn't make it.

Here's Amber's new do:

We had fun, the food was good.  Mexican seafood is their specialty, I had the crab enchiladas.  Very rich and cheesy, lots of crab, yum.  Evva's Siete Mares soup was out of this world. Enough for 4 people.   Amber had a huge seafood salad, also wowsers.  Dan's steak Fajitas came on an oval plate of a size suitable for a Thanksgiving turkey.

Heather brought her new shawl, an early Christmas present from me, although it is not in the picture.  It's a variant on the swallowtail, more rows of nupps at the bottom, a different edging lace, less budding lace, a sharper rate of increase to make it wider and shorter and a panel of mirror image nupps in a central panel.  All mods to her specs.  Actually, not really much of a swallowtail at all any more, lol.  Same yarn as the swallowtail I made for Evva last spring.  For comparison, here is Evva's shawl.

Here it is when it was finished blocking. Heather's kitty had to examine and approve it.

Here it is hanging from the rafters from a pair of hooks intended for bikes in Heather's garage.  Our new rainy day shawl drying system. Note the fan.  Her niffty little Smart car only takes up 1/4 of the garage, so there is plenty of room for both cars AND shawl drying.   And other things.  We used a big table at my house to pin it out to the bottom section of a bed sheet, then sent it home with Heather to use the rafter hooks to dry it. Since it is on the bottom section, you can reach the shawl if you need to adjust any pins.

Here is another hanging shot.

Here it is when it came inside to have it's many, many safety pins removed to release it from the bed sheet. Percy immediately took possession.  That cat understands quality.

Heather sent me this photo of her mother of the groom jacket.

Lilo is asleep on my bed, she has more sense than to be up wandering around the cold house at this hour, lol.

Ta-ta, 'til later,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brad and Shannon's Wedding photos

Hello, Everyone,

It's a rainy Monday afternoon in San Diego.  I'm listening to Santana's Supernatural.  I'm feeling OK, a little tired after going to Anaheim yesterday in the rain and struggling to walk at the theater in the round, the Heritage Forum.  But the show was great, the kids tried hard.  There were 3 expert Taiko drummers that  knocked everyone's socks off.  The little kids were cute.  Nate loved the Jazz Bans, which was playing swing music.  My friend Leroy was on Sax, and Audrey played guitar.  They had a new drummer, a young kid, and he was super.  Nate stretched out the tail of his toy lizard and played it like a bass viol, in time to the music, so funny. 

Here are some pics of Brad and Shannon's wedding.  Heather and I went swimming to day and afterward stopped for a spot of tea and I got this file from her...   I sure hope this uploaded nicely so you all can see it.

Big sigh,...... Well, one of these days Blogger will let me post this.  Maybe it was too big.  The upload ran all night and then showed error in the morning.

Lilo is sleeping on the foot of my bed, she had a dim view of rainy days and generlly does not bother to get out of bed if it's raining!

See ya,

Friday, October 15, 2010

It was a great wedding

Hello, Everyone,

It's an early, misty Friday morning.  I'm listening to Julian Bream play guitar.   I feel ok, although my lower back hurts.  I wonder what I did to cause that? Sigh...  Well, my back woke me up and I can't get back to sleep, so I thought I'd share pics of the wedding with you. 

The wedding was lovely and the pics are starting to be posted on Facebook.

My brother-in-law, Ron, made this composite to look like a newspaper.

It was a beautiful spot with a view of the lake, hawks wheeling overhead, some small boats scooting about and others parked in the reeds fishing on the lake, and small airplanes using the lake as a landmark for their left turn toward Mexico.

Notice the hand knit lace weight shawl she is using for her veil.  Yuppers, that's the one I knit. Bead clusters on the points of the shawl and all. 

It was a fun reception.  The food was provided by a BBQ guy, the kind who rolls up with a smoker in tow.  His stuff was really good, the meats were tender and juicy and smokey. The beans were really tasty.  The slaw was good, too.  I was surprised at how good the whole meal was.  Not just a snack, a big plate of BBQ.  Whole lot of fun.  I have this crazy idea to ask the BBQ guy if he smokes turkeys for Thanksgiving...  Hm...  Easy for me.....

Lilo came out, rubbed against my legs and then went back to bed.  She thinks I'm crazy to be up this early.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome to fall

It's a cool, drizzly Wednesday night.  I'm listening to flamenco on Sky.  I feel OK, now, although earlier I had an upset stomach bad enough for me to pass on knit night.  I usually love to go, but tonight I just could not quite make it. Very definitely fall weather, early this year.  Welcome to fall.

I'm knitting on Heather's pink socks (almost done) and a lavender baby set for Eri.

We went grocery shopping at Food for less, not our usual market, but it was handy.  They have these great Mexican cheeses.  Yum, this is going to be fun.

Lilo sez Hi.  She has cabin fever, since it is too cold to spend much time outside.  I put catnip on her rug.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Dawn Patrol

Hello, Eveyone,

Well, it's early, I'm watching the misty dawn arrive, which is usually not me at all.  Friday morning, warm and overcast.  We had thunderstorms and rain yesterday and a beautiful double rainbow just at sunset. Popsicle orange sunset clouds and a double rainbow.  I wish I knew how to photograph something like that.  It was something like this...

In San Diego? In September?  The long-time locals are amazed.  More rain is expected today, so I guess that means it will be dry, LOL. 

Various aches and pains woke me up, so I thought I'd blog until the Motrin cuts in and then go back to sleep.  Listening to a pretty Vivaldi violin concerto.

I'm re-knitting my favorite  winter shawl.  The moths got into it and made big holes.  So I unraveled it and tied all the breaks together.  Now It's beginning life again. I'm think I might lightly felt it when I'm done to make it warmer. 

Lilo is keeping me company as usual.  I put catnip on her rug, so she is happy.  Blissed out. 
Her favorite spot.

Enjoy your day, I'm back to bed for an extra hour or two now.