Saturday, December 18, 2010

Almost across the finish line...

Hello, Everyone,

Y'all ready for the holidays yet?  I'm not.  It's a lovely clear cool-but-not-cold Saturday night in San Diego.  I was almost out the door to a party I was hesitant to attend, when my friend, Cynthia, called to say she and Berta were on their way over.  Berta bought a new car today and wanted to show it off.  Whew!  I quickly canceled my party attendance and had fun with the girls.  We had tea and German Christmas cookies, put up a very small Christmas tree, watched a new video for women by Linda Johnson, more tea, then jumped into Berts'a new car to go look at the fabulous Christmas lights on Garrison Street in Point Loma. Good times!

Now all I have to do is finish the 119 gifts on my holiday list.  All done but 7.  My knitting needles are smoking hot!

Lilo just came in to say Hello to her adoring fans.  After we got back from Bakersfield she was soooo good.  "Was it something I said?  I'll be good, really... just don't go to Bakersfield again..."


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