Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hello Everyone,
It's a lovely sunny but cool Wednesday afternoon in San Diego.  I've been a bit under the weather, some stupid bug, but I'm doing better now.  I'm pretty happy.   I'm listening to the suite from Lawrence of Arabia on XLNC1.

Dan had a freebie coupon from Chick-Fil-A so we had breakfast there.  They even have a guy in a chicken suit walking around to greet the customers.  Fun in a hokey sort of way.  Good chance for me to catch up on my phone calls.  For a couple of hours I returned calls.  Got a little behind when I was sick. Dan is still recovering, looks like Alvin at the moment...

I'm knitting on a pretty white washable fake-mohair shawl for my massage therapist at her request.  Very long and slim so you wear it doubled.  I also keep plugging along on the long pink stockings for Heather.  I'm determined to finish them.  Added several rows to them today at breakfast.

I finished a fuzzy beige cloche in time for New Years for my friend Barbara  I hope it looks good on her dark hair.  Dan and I were too busy New Years Eve and Day to really party. So, we had a great Jan 2 on a Hornblower boat in San Diego Bay. Amber gave us tix for x-mas. The hunky young bartender kept refilling my glass with Canadian, too bad...LOL.

Did I happen to tell you all that I'm going to be a Grandmother again this summer?  Wahoo!!!  I sure love the grandmother thing.  Quilt and baby jammies in progress.   Nate is so cute. We had so much fun with him.  I had him for a few days after the holidays so that I could take him to swim lessons.  I was chanting Gongyo (2 chapters from the Lotus Sutra) and he was in the next room playing video games.  I came to the part at the end of the prose portion of chapter  2 where you repeat the 10 aspects 3 times. "Nyo ze so..."   I was on the second time thru when he came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder, "Gramma, you need to turn the page."  LOL.

My brother in law, Ron sent me a pic of the sailboat he is building.
Brother in law Ron says he is building a sailboat in the garage.  Actually, it's only going to be a one-meter RC model boat.  He made a cartoon sketch in the process of making the model drawings and then placed himself in it.  We know it's one of his graphic compositions (i.e., phony landscapes) because their garage was never that clean.  Go, Ron!  Wouldn't it be fun to build one full size?

I'm going to the JCC tonight for the Knit @ Nite group for the North Coast Knitting Guild The evening one is better for my schedule.  I plan to have a great time at the usual January potluck tonight.  This is our answer to the post-holiday letdown.  Annual January vegetarian potluck.  So many people have special dietary requirements that we just do it vegetarian.  I think I'll bring a lemony walnut romaine salad.  Heather and I will go together and let Mr. Alvin stay home and get well.

Lilo is in her usual place, on the rug beside my feet.  She stays in when it is cold. Then she gets cabin fever and wants to fight with everyone.   She would love Hawaii. Puerto Rico, Cuba, etc.   Hey, Kitty, can you hula or cha-cha?  No?   Well, maybe a pinch of catnip on your rug will help you along...   Now she's happy.  Rolling in it.

See ya, 

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