Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hi, Everyone,

It's a lovely Wednesday night after a hot day in San Diego.  March???  I feel OK, I thought I had a cold, but it left quickly, yeah!!  No music right now.

1. open::
2. bull::
3. knit::
4. cat::
5. think::
6. karma::
7. love::
8. happy::
9. baby::
10. Momma::
Here are some new words. Please post the list to the comments of my blog and add the first thing that comes to mind for each item.  Then, after a few people post, we'll see how differently people think.

My answers are below, in the comments.

I finished the 4 quarters of the quilt top I'm working on, but I have now decided on the best way to join them yet.

Meanwhile, I'm knitting on baby stuff for the new grandson and socks for various people in my life. And Evva's lace.

Panda Express sent me a coupon, so I went, but never again.  Greasy, sweet, awful after taste and not that cheap.  I kept burping the taste of bad grease all afternoon.  Never again.

Lilo is nowhere to be found.  It's such a lovely warm night, she must be out taking a tour.

1 comment:

  1. Here are my answers to the word game.

    1. open:: shut

    2. bull:: s..t

    3. knit::purl

    4. cat::nip

    5. think::do

    6. karma::action

    7. love::child

    8. happy::go lucky

    9. baby::blankie

    10. Momma::Poppa