Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ready to connect?

Hello, Everyone,

It's a coolish rainy Sunday late night, I'm knitting a powder blue baby jacket, listening to the rain fall at home.  I feel ok, a little stiff.  Listening to Debussy.

We had a nice dinner with Dare at Kabob Shop in Mira Mesa.  I had a Doner Kabob like this:  It was really good.  I'd go again in a heart beat.  They have vegan options.

I found this word game at Claudia at Unconscious Mutterings. Lunanina started it.  I can't make the link work, so just google her if you want to see the original.

This is how you play:  You just copy this list into my comments and after each word prompt type the first word that comes to mind.  Then post it.  It's fun to compare with what others have posted.  Different minds....  do not think alike...

1. Ugly ::
   2. Shed ::
   3. Contrary ::
   4. Yellow ::
   5. New Jersey :: 
   6. Point ::
   7. Actually ::
   8. Endeavor ::
   9. Blondie ::
  10. Speck ::

 Maybe we can play this from time to time.

We had desert a few days ago at Donovan 's Circle of Fifths. Banana crepes Foster.  Now, Donovan's is a famous steak place in the Gaslamp district, known for excellent meat.  It took them longer than 40 minutes to bring it out and then the caramel on the Foster was badly burned, dark and stiff.  The whole thing was bitter and not really edible.  When we mentioned this to the waitress, she was sorry but charged us $9 for it anyway.  Shame on you, Donovan's.  I will not be back for the steak, ever!

Walking from our car we saw a very funny busker dancing for tips.  He had boots on both his hands and his feet, fake arms along his sides and two heads on his back.   When he bent over and danced to the music from his boom box, it looked like 2 small marionettes dancing.  The jackets of the dancers swung down like skirts to hide his head.  Very funny.

Lilo came to help blog and sez Hello.  All her answers to the word game were the same for every word. Like this: 1. Ugly :: feed me yummies. ...10 speck:: feed me yummies.  Maybe an occasional ":: scratch my ears" just for variety. 


1 comment:

  1. Here are my answers to the word game.

    1. Ugly ::sad
    2. Shed ::fur
    3. Contrary ::opinion
    4. Yellow ::red
    5. New Jersey :: new York
    6. Point :: click
    7. Actually ::really
    8. Endeavor :: try
    9. Blondie :: pretty
    10. Speck ::dust