Friday, April 8, 2011

windy day, baby leggings at 1-21-10

Hello Everyone.

It's a sunny cool windy spring afternoon in San Diego. Listening to Carmina Burana on  Somewhere someone is flying a kite, I'm sure. My body is not liking the changing weather...

Did you come to this blog looking for the baby leggings to match the BSJ?  Take a look at 1-21-10.

So,...  did you know Denny's is doing Baconalia?  It's a new holiday.  Dare took me and we had a blast.  We ordered all the bacon dishes and then a plate with 6 extra slices on the side. LOL.  What fun. 

Went to the opera and saw Rosenkavalier.  It was good.  Funny and tender.

I got a sewing machine as a present from Amber.  She's expecting another little boy, so I'm sewing baby stuff like mad.

My phone camera no longer syncs with my computer (Windows 7 will not play nicely in the sand box), so it's hard to post photos of all this fun stuff to the blog. Maybe I'll take them to Heather's.

Must run, Lilo wants me to stop blogging and pay attention to her.  Her latest thing is to sit in front of the sewing machine when I'm trying to sew...  She brought in her first dead gopher the other day.  Must be spring.

Hope to see you all soon,

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