Monday, May 16, 2011

Lace, More lace

Hello Everyone,
It's a coolish Sunday night after an overcast day in San Diego.  I'm a bit stiff from the Sj, but other wise in high spirits.  I'm listening to Nestor Torres' Human Revolution, from Songs dances and prayers.

I got a new camera today (Thank you, Dare) and now I am trying to figure out the software that uploads the pix to the computer. I can take them, and then I transfer them, and then I can't find them...

  I had some new lace work I wanted to show you all.  I recently blocked out a bit of pretty white lily of the valley lace (Estonian lace patterns, Orenburg construction).  It's a pressie for Dan's niece.  We were unable to attend her Bat Mitzvah as we were exposed to strep while watching Nate, and we thought strep might be a decidedly uninvited guest at the party.

So,.. I wanted to show you the lace before I mail it off tomorrow... If I figure it out, I'll add it in.
Success! Above is the lily lace.

Meanwhile, Heather and Shannon blocked out the Night Song shawl I made for Shannon.  I modified the pattern slightly to have a few reverse stockinette stitches between the feather motifs to let them stand out more.  I also think the pattern has errors, which I corrected.   Here it is blocking.

Here it is unblocked above.
And all blocked out...
Heather took this pic of Point Loma looking out over the SD airport.  Nice.  Aren't we glad to be here?

Lilo sez hello to all her adoring fans.  I'll have to take a pic of her and lose that one too, lol.


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