Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tiffany's shower and Salerno's

Hello, Everyone,
It's a lovely warm August Saturday night.  I'm listening to Andre Rieu.  Shmaltzy but fun. I feel ok, except for having pulled my back out a bit.  But hopefully that is temporary.

I have been out of town in July.  Heather and I went to Minneapolis to attend a family reunion. Via Amtrack!  Lots of fun.  I'll ask HC if she has pix I can post...

We're having a great weekend.  We were busy on the night of our anniversary, so we picked an alternate day to celebrate and it was today.  We went for a drive to the to the mountains.  In Ramona we stopped on a whim at Salerno Winery.  Wow!  What a fun place!  Mamma Rose is a fun lady who talks to her customers like old friends.  Herman, also called Frank,  is a retired Italian opera star who sings opera and makes the best Pizza ever in a wood fired oven on the patio. And, of course, the wine is great.  They have a red called Perfection that really is perfect.  And a sweet white aperitif I loved.

Then we went to Julian for apple-boysenberry pie.  Also great!  Lovely drive.

I have a new camera and I'm having trouble downloading the pictures I took.  Here's the link to the winery.

I'll post pix when my technical difficulties are solved.

Here are some pics from Tiffany's shower.  The shower was a lot of fun.

Arriving with Amber and the boys...
 Amber came down and we all got to spoil Evan.

 Brad Evan with Evan.

Big brother having fun.

Getting close!  Any day now!  Hang in there Tiffany.

Time for me to go to bed.  Lilo sez "Hello" to all her fans.  She is so glad Mom is back in town.


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