Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Maybe now we can blog?

Hello Everyone,
I finally got my camera syncing with my computer.  Maybe now we can blog?

It's a surprisingly warm Tuesday morning in San Diego.  I'm feeling ok, although my right hand is giving me trouble. Listening to Cherry Poppin Daddies on Pandora. It's fun after all the Christmas carols.

These are some Noro socks I'm working on now that the holidays are over.  They look like bark.  Size 1 Crystal Palace needles, as the yarn is very think N thin. I'm not sure I understand why people are so crazy about this yarn.  I finished off 3 pairs of socks after Christmas that were already started.  They are the beginning of my 2012 Christmas gift drawer.  I cut back this year.  Only 71 hand made Christmas pressies.  Next year I will cut back more. I swear, although it's hard.

Lilo sez "Good Afternoon" to all her many fans.  She's lying in the sun of the open dooeway.

See ya,

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