Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall socks


Hot today.

Well, I finally went to Border Leather in Chula Vista yesterday. In case you are wondering about the name, the husband does leather goods and the wife does yarn.  Wow!  Does she have a lot of lovely yarn. Good prices, too.  I bought a skein of black sock yarn to finish off the socks for the big foot brother in law, size 15 shoe, so that the tops can be long, as he prefers.  The standard 100 gram ball doesn't do it for him, more like 150 grams.   I'll have to go back for more yarn later.  I'll post pix when the big foots are finished. 

Speaking of socks, I finished the fall socks for my father-in-law.

I'm sure he'll like them. The legs are in Coin stitch, which is fun to do.  It's not as stretchy as normal ribbing, so the very tops have to be in the usual ribbing.  But I like the effect. Kind of peek-a-boo with the black frame and the variegated peeking thru.

I went to Orange County today to help my daughter with my grandson.  Those two work some impossible hours.  She was working at 4 am and he was working at 5 am, and the grandson needed to meet a school bus at 8 am.  So, gramma and grampa to the rescue.  This was the first day of the school bus, and he was so happy to be taking the bus.  He just loves the bus with the other kids.  Happy, Happy Nathan.  Crazy hours and long drive by the time we got home.

Tomorrow I will be working a booth at the International Day of Peace at USD.  Good cause, but I will be totally pooped when it's over.


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