Wednesday, September 23, 2009

International Day Of Peace at USD

I had a great day yesterday at the International Day pf Peace event at USD
Doug and Dan at the SGI exhibit.

Oops, sorry about the flopped photo of me.

It was a lovely, peaceful day and we had a really great time. I wish I had a pic of the white peace dove release (54 of them), but it was over too fast for my laffable camera skills.

After the booth take-down was over we went to the campus cafeteria for a late lunch.  I was surprised at how good the food was, and inexpensive.  A steak plate with a nicely done, cooked to order rare steak and freshly cooked veggies and salad for under $6.  I could have had potatoes, but I declined them.  My memories of college cafeterias from my time in school are not so great, hehe.  You go, USD!

Here is another finished pair of socks for another "bigfoot" in the family, Kevin, size 14 foot. Toe up, 2 on 1 circ, plain vanilla stockinette stitch with 1x1 ribbing at the cuffs.  The yarn is Colinette's Welsh-spun Jitterbug, with a few little additions of Kroy leftovers.  For a Size 14 foot  you need to add a little yarn to make the tops high enough.

Slowly but surely I am filling the "presents" drawer.

Right now I am mostly knitting on the Shaker yarn.  It is just so cool to  knit with yarn actually made by real Shakers!  It is coming out very wooly and warm.

Dan is taking me out to dinner tonight, so I'd better go quick and take him up on his offer!

See ya next time,

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