Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy New Year!

Tonight we went to see my in-law's for Jewish New Year.  It was a lovely dinner.  My little niece was cute as ever and the hit of the party.

I'm knitting on a scarf from some lovely blue and green wool that my sister sent me for my birthday.  She went to Maine this summer for a golf vacation at Poland Springs,  While she was in Maine, she went to Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village and visited the Shaker exhibits and gift shop.  She sent me the wool form the Shakers.  It is very simple two-ply wool, very Shaker-like in its style, full of lanolin on my hands and a little sheepy-smelling.   It's nice to knit is in a simple stitch on plain wooden dowels.  I feel very simple and Shaker-like myself tonight.   I should be singing one of their working songs as I knit.

It's been very hot in California lately.   This is Dan, cooling off in Daphne's, an air-conditioned Greek restaurant, with an iced tea yet.   So, are you too hot to smile, Dude?

These are the plantings in front of the restaurant.  I like the rust and purple grasses with the golden tufts.

My sister got the Smartcar this summer.  It's really fun.

Tata for now, I'm off to knit on my Shaker wool.

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