Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dinner with Evva at Mario's

Hi, Everyone,

It's a cool Monday night after a rainy fall day in San Diego. I feel fine.  No music tonight. 

I'm sewing on a "sock bug", a bug shaped bag the right size to hold a sock knitting project.  Hmmm, I'll show you when I'm done.  It's cute.

Saturday night we had dinner with Evva at Mario's Fiesta Maya in Huntington Beach.

Lots of fun to get everyone together.    It's nice to see Evva once in a while, she lives so far away.  Nate had to sit with Grampa, of course.  Grampa had his "World's Best Upside-down Grampa" tee shirt on.   Dare couldn't make it.

Here's Amber's new do:

We had fun, the food was good.  Mexican seafood is their specialty, I had the crab enchiladas.  Very rich and cheesy, lots of crab, yum.  Evva's Siete Mares soup was out of this world. Enough for 4 people.   Amber had a huge seafood salad, also wowsers.  Dan's steak Fajitas came on an oval plate of a size suitable for a Thanksgiving turkey.

Heather brought her new shawl, an early Christmas present from me, although it is not in the picture.  It's a variant on the swallowtail, more rows of nupps at the bottom, a different edging lace, less budding lace, a sharper rate of increase to make it wider and shorter and a panel of mirror image nupps in a central panel.  All mods to her specs.  Actually, not really much of a swallowtail at all any more, lol.  Same yarn as the swallowtail I made for Evva last spring.  For comparison, here is Evva's shawl. http://dragondotr.blogspot.com/2010/03/shawls-shawls-shawls.html

Here it is when it was finished blocking. Heather's kitty had to examine and approve it.

Here it is hanging from the rafters from a pair of hooks intended for bikes in Heather's garage.  Our new rainy day shawl drying system. Note the fan.  Her niffty little Smart car only takes up 1/4 of the garage, so there is plenty of room for both cars AND shawl drying.   And other things.  We used a big table at my house to pin it out to the bottom section of a bed sheet, then sent it home with Heather to use the rafter hooks to dry it. Since it is on the bottom section, you can reach the shawl if you need to adjust any pins.

Here is another hanging shot.

Here it is when it came inside to have it's many, many safety pins removed to release it from the bed sheet. Percy immediately took possession.  That cat understands quality.

Heather sent me this photo of her mother of the groom jacket.

Lilo is asleep on my bed, she has more sense than to be up wandering around the cold house at this hour, lol.

Ta-ta, 'til later,

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