Friday, October 1, 2010

Dawn Patrol

Hello, Eveyone,

Well, it's early, I'm watching the misty dawn arrive, which is usually not me at all.  Friday morning, warm and overcast.  We had thunderstorms and rain yesterday and a beautiful double rainbow just at sunset. Popsicle orange sunset clouds and a double rainbow.  I wish I knew how to photograph something like that.  It was something like this...

In San Diego? In September?  The long-time locals are amazed.  More rain is expected today, so I guess that means it will be dry, LOL. 

Various aches and pains woke me up, so I thought I'd blog until the Motrin cuts in and then go back to sleep.  Listening to a pretty Vivaldi violin concerto.

I'm re-knitting my favorite  winter shawl.  The moths got into it and made big holes.  So I unraveled it and tied all the breaks together.  Now It's beginning life again. I'm think I might lightly felt it when I'm done to make it warmer. 

Lilo is keeping me company as usual.  I put catnip on her rug, so she is happy.  Blissed out. 
Her favorite spot.

Enjoy your day, I'm back to bed for an extra hour or two now.


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