Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brad and Shannon's Wedding photos

Hello, Everyone,

It's a rainy Monday afternoon in San Diego.  I'm listening to Santana's Supernatural.  I'm feeling OK, a little tired after going to Anaheim yesterday in the rain and struggling to walk at the theater in the round, the Heritage Forum.  But the show was great, the kids tried hard.  There were 3 expert Taiko drummers that  knocked everyone's socks off.  The little kids were cute.  Nate loved the Jazz Bans, which was playing swing music.  My friend Leroy was on Sax, and Audrey played guitar.  They had a new drummer, a young kid, and he was super.  Nate stretched out the tail of his toy lizard and played it like a bass viol, in time to the music, so funny. 

Here are some pics of Brad and Shannon's wedding.  Heather and I went swimming to day and afterward stopped for a spot of tea and I got this file from her...   I sure hope this uploaded nicely so you all can see it.

Big sigh,...... Well, one of these days Blogger will let me post this.  Maybe it was too big.  The upload ran all night and then showed error in the morning.

Lilo is sleeping on the foot of my bed, she had a dim view of rainy days and generlly does not bother to get out of bed if it's raining!

See ya,

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