Thursday, November 11, 2010

halloween pix and the Llama

Hello, Everyone.

It's late Thursday night after a hot Santa Ana day.  This is so crazy, yesterday was raining.  San Diegans are not used to weather that switches around.  I had fun today, went swimming with Heather and then we had lunch at the Deli Lama in Hillcrest.  It was really good.

Heather got some pics back of the pumpkin carving contest in Encinitas.  Aren't these great?

I remember Tron! Dare ad I saw it when it came out the first time. 

Sometimes I feel like Wiley Coyote.  If I run real fast and don;t look down, can I run off the cliff and keep on going?

What the... is this?

Mother Theresa on a jack o' lantern??? Really scarey, right???

Lilo sez hello to her adoring subjects. 

I'm tired, bedtime.

Julie and Lilo

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