Friday, November 5, 2010

olso walk shawl

Hello, Everyone,

It's a hot (90+) Santa Ana Friday afternoon in November in San Diego.  Listening to the "King", a little less conversation.  But just a few minutes ago the wind shifted, it was sweeping down the mountain passes from the desert like the hot, dry breath of Dante's inferno.  Now it is coming in cool, moist and soft from the ocean.  I'm hoping this is the beginning of the end of  the Santa Ana, as we San Diegans call these "devil winds".  Same idea as "Foehn" in Munich, Sirocco in North Africa, etc.  I feel fine, just a little sniffle from sleeping with the fan blowing on me, it was so brutal hot last night.  What's wacky is that this summer was cool, LOL.  Well, I have an iced coffee in one hand so I'm prepared.

I have not heard from my daughter so I guess I don't have my grandson this weekend.  It all depends on her work schedule.  Too bad, he and I had such fun last weekend.

Has anyone seen the new Interweave Knits?  I just got their email a few minutes ago, I have not actually bought the issue yet.  The Pattern for the pretty lace Oslo Walk Shawl has me all in a lather.  I'm going to have to make that.  Wow! it's pretty.  Let's see if I can get a pic off their email to show you. 

I have some ice blue variegated  lace weight merino yarn that would be just killer in this.  From that hand paint company in Alaska, I forget the name.   I have a pattern for a diamond lace off the Berocco library (it's the edging in a pattern for a little girl's skirt).  I think it is the same lace as the edge.  If I did up a little swatch, and then blocked it, I could sort out the gauge.  Then I could string some sparkly beads, cast on 65 inches of stitches with a knitted on cast on with a bead in each stitch, or maybe every other, knit I repeat of the lace, switch to a razor clam lace, short row the center to add an extra 7 inches in the middle, work 3 inches even in the razor clam and bind off with an I-cord bind off.  Would not be too far off from Oslo, maybe like a Stockholm version.  Hmmm.  We'll see.  Right now I have too many things I'm trying to finish by Christmas.   Must be disciplined!!!

I'll let you know how that discipline thing goes.

Lilo is somewhere hiding from the heat.


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