Friday, November 12, 2010

The socks fit!

Hello, Everyone.
It's a coolish night after a bright, sunny, absolutely gorgeous day that reminds me why I live in San Diego. I listening the the "Flight of the Bumblebee", I kid you not.  I use this player that cruises my hard drive and plays music Randomly.  You never know what it'll find. Now it's switched to Lena Horne singing "When I fall in Love", real... slow.

I feel great.  We dove up the coast to pick up Nathan, just a spectacular drive.   Had dinner at Tip Top.  Prime rib, our usual.  It was very good, but next time I'm going to get something more German, like bratwurst or smoked pork chops.   Went to a very nice Buddhist meeting afterward.  During the drive I finished a sewing bug, like this one for a friend who quilts.

Ron sent me a thank you.  His socks must have fit him...

That's a Balbriggan heel, BTW.  My new fav heel.  It's in Folk Socks.  It's Irish.  The turning is more like a rounded flap extension.  You decrease 4 EOR (one each side and two in the center).  The gusset runs all the way to the floor.  Lots of extra pick-up stitches and long gussets.   Makes a very generously fitting ankle area for those with substantial ankles.   Like Ron...  Remember we used to call them "blocky".

When I bought Folk Socks I ordered it on-line.  When it arrived, I was so excited, I pulled it out of the box and immediately sat down to read it.   My daughter came into the room and Said, "Mother, I'm so glad to see you reading a book.  All you do anymore is knit socks.  I think you are really obsessed with this sock knitting thing.  I think it's great you're reading again."  I held up the book so she could see the title and grinned.  She said, "Oh, no! A book about socks! You're hopeless!"   I laugh out loud every time I remember.

Lilo is throwing a quick hello over her shoulder to her adoring fans as she heads into the bedroom to sleep in my sweaters.  Must be cold outside. 


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