Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heather finished her shrug

Hello, Everyone,
It'a a lovely sunny warm winter Tuesday afternoon in San Diego.  I gotta run, I'll edit this later with the details, but I'm not giving up a post where blogger allowed the photo, LOL.

OK, I'm back. I'm listening to Chris Botti's Italia. The man really understands the trumpet.  Like it's part of him. 

The pix above are Heather wearing the new shrug she just finished.  It's for Yvonne, who is smaller than Heather, so it should fit her loosely. 

Nice yarn with gradations of gray.  

My daughter sent me a present today.  A sewing machine.  I guess she thought it was too hard to sew all the baby stuff we're planning by hand.   Youza, what a great pressie.  Thank you, Amber!!!  Dan just brought it in so I'll have to go and unpack it.

Lilo sez, "Hello, to all the many beautiful people who are my admirers."  She can always tell when I'm blogging and comes to help.


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