Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daffodil booties

Hello everyone,
It's a lovely, cold (51) clear Wednesday night in San Diego. I'm feeling great, my back is better now.

Daffodil Baby Booties

My friend, Barbara, just had a baby girl, so I made some booties for her that look like little daffodils on her feet. I think they're kinda cute, myself. I made up the pattern by "doodling" with the yarn.  I'm posting the pattern to Ravelry as soon as possible, so I hope you make some too.
Saturday we had lunch with Amber in San Clemente.  We ate at the Blue Danube.  It is a wonderful place.

Dan just had to have a picture of the old-fashioned light ball over the dance floor. 

Mt favorite little boy.

The food was good and the owner very charming.  He came out and played a few classical pieces for us on the piano.  A little Beethoven with lunch....  I'd go again in a heart beat.  

Lilo is feisty tonight. She doesn't like cold weather.  Goodnight, Lilo.


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