Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Wednesday to you, Happy Wednesday to you...

Hi, Everyone.

Well, today was windy and cool, with rain coming later. 
(Ask my knees how they know.)   Winding down with a nice warm cup of Earl Grey tea and my lace knitting is is my idea of a fun evening.  

I know, lace doesn't look like anything until it's blocked.  But maybe you can get an idea of where we are going.  This is the bridal shawl about 1/2 of the way through the center section.  Then comes the edging and beading, so maybe 1/3 done in total. Yes, those are nupps, the glory and bane of lace knitters.   Just you wait until this baby is all blocked out...

We stopped in South Park, as it is handy to my Doctor's appt and the tax lady.   Dan read newspapers and ate very nice fresh scones with freshly made strawberry sauce at Rebecca's ( while I went across the street to the Grove, to fondle yarn and knit a bit.  Susan has some wonderful yarns and books.  There is some lace weight alpaca and silk she is going to be getting in soon that is to die for.  HMMMMM...  How am I going to wait???  Also Susan has some samples up in the shop that show beads dangling from the points of the lace.  And I thought I was the only one doing that!!!  The bridal shawl is planned to have plum beads at the points, as per the bride's request.  We'll see how it works out.  I may ask Heather, aka mother of the groom, to assist in stitching on the beading, as she is better at it than I am.  (Neatness counts, Julie)

Susan also has some to-die-for shawl pins.  After this bridal shawl is done, I may have to pay her another visit..  For the shawl pin, mind you. No, NOT the alpaca/silk lace weight.  Say this three times out loud, I already have too many started projects, 
I already have too many started projects,  I already have too many started projects.  Big sigh, we'll see when the day comes...  I can already imagine the lace weight in a nice reversible garter lace scarf, for example.

Susan also has some very interesting jewelry and fabric projects... I was very good and only bought a pretty little clasp that just jumped into my hand.

Dan eating scones and reading papers at Rebecca's

Don Lee was playing guitar at Rebecca's.  I think he knows everything ever written since, say 1940.  Amazing musician.  He played his unique version of "Nights in White Satin" for me.  His "Riders on the Sage" took me 'way back.  Check him out if you get a chance.  He puts a very original spin on everything he plays.  One guitar and a drum machine, but he makes it sound like a full room.

I did my taxes this afternoon, so we had dinner in a little inexpensive Chinese place whose sole virtue is that it is right by my tax lady.  Well, in addition to being really cheap.  So, I'd rather  talk about LAST night.

This was last night.   Amber asked me if we were doing anything special for passover.  I said, "Ummmm, we were thinking of going out for Chinese. "

said, "Yeah, right, Mom.  Be sure to set aside a plate of moo sho pork for Elijah."  Smartypants daughter, LOL. 

So we went to the Dumpling Inn,   They offer a regional Chinese cuisine from the north west part of China.  Wheat farmers up there, so lots of noodles and dumplings.   
First we had the best pickled jellyfish in San Diego, IMHO.  Then steamed dumplings with meat and soup filling and shredded ginger on top.   When you bite into them, your mouth is filled with a burst of savory soup flavor.  Youza, good!

Next hand made noodles with lamb.  Ask for the home made noodles or they give you store-bought.   The noodles were wonderful, eggy and fresh, cut rustic and raggy.    Now I like the gamey  taste of lamb and they had gone to a lot of trouble to have it turn out non-gamey.   So mixed results for lamb-lover me.   Many years ago when I first started coming to this place, the lamb was more like mutton, rich and gamey tasting.  So I loved it and most other Americans did not.  Too bad they changed the style, sigh.

Followed by shrimp, garlic slivers, snow peas and broccoli.   Now I love snow peas, so I wish there had been more peas and less broccoli.   After we ordered we noticed asparagus and shrimp on the specials board.  Next time I will try that.

Dan has to have at least one shrimp dish, or it is not Chinese for him.  If he were marooned on a desert island and had to pick the one food to be airlifted in, it would be shrimp.  Sounds like the beginning to a reality TV show.   His mother is the same way, serious shrimp-a-holic.  A few years ago, his parents got back form a vacation trip to Mexico.  Dan's father made a very sad face and told us he had some really terrible news to share with us. 

"What, What", we said.

"It's terrible.  But I must tell you.  There are no more shrimp in Mexico."

"What do you mean - no more shrimp in Mexico?"

"Your mother ate them all." 

Lilo and I wish you a lovely night,

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