Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Day in the Country

Hello, everyone,

Today was one of those spring days so beautiful you almost can't stand it.  Monday never had it so good.   I went far out in the back country to see a friend, Dan drove.   Yes, I'm spoiled.   Lilacs at every turn, colorful wildflowers, fresh breezes float an herbal perfume with floral notes softly over the mountain side, trees budding out, hawks flying free and in the valley beautiful green farmland with real live cows and horses.   Can you tell I'm a city girl?  Wow, it was really beautiful. 

Then I stopped by to see another friend in a nursing home out in that neighborhood.   She had taken a turn for the worse and it nearly took my breath away.   I had not expected to see her so bad.   Kind of shocking.   I need to chant for her before I go to sleep to regain my equilibrium.   Somehow, it made me feel very grateful that I married Dan.  Yes, like all men, he has his quirks, and sometimes they drive me crazy,  but he takes very good care of me whenever I am sick.  That includes driving me when my knees are too tight to move quick enough for traffic safety.  Thoughtful nursing care in a husband is a wonderful thing. I'm confident if anything drastic happened to me he would see that I got he best care.   It's not like I don't have any quirks, too, LOL.  I'm the queen of quirky.  Today my friend tried to tactfully tell me that I looked like a circus clown....  I think it was the bright red and yellow plaid pants with the lime green watermelon print shirt that did it.  Or the dark green crochet hat and rhinestone sunglasses?   Ha!  Sometimes I amaze myself.

On the way home we stopped to have dinner at Sycuan, http://www.sycuancasino.com/.  Now you see just how far out in the country we were, if Sycuan is on the way back, LOL.   We had the $10 buffet.   I was surprised at how good it was.   It has improved since the last time we were there. 

Dan ready to dig into a nice bit of rare prime rib.  The carving station guy was putting the slabs of rare meat on the grill for those folks who like, say, medium/well.  He asked me how I like it and I said, "just so it doesn't moo".  He smiled and nodded.  The man knows beef.  

The salads were good and so were the deserts.  The green beans were fresh, not frozen.   ( I put the cheese sauce from the garlic Alfredo pasta on them, tee-hee.)  Of course, it did not hurt that we poured the rum sauce intended for the bread pudding all over the desserts.   The bread pudding was eggy and good, too, not just the rum sauce.   As Tony Bourdain sez, "I'm such an egg slut."   Applies to me, too.  Egg slut, that's me.  Can't wait for some deviled eggs this weekend.

Some kind of yummy layered bars...

And the staff was very nice and friendly and helpful.   Altogether a great experience.   The only downside is that it is a little loud in there for intelligent dinner conversation.   My friend, Larry, called me and said, " What's the matter with your cell phone?  I can hardly hear you."  LOL.   I told him my phone was fine,  I was just enjoying a great buffet dinner in a very loud Indian casino and he laughed.  

More yummy sweet bits... Off the diet tonight.   I'm no gambler so it only cost me $10....  Can't seem to get the hang of the gamble thing.  I just lose and what's the fun in that?  They say your worst night gambling is the first one where you win...

I finished a dark green crochet hat last night, but now I am not so sure it is totally finished.  I think I want to add a second layer in pink or rose to make it reversible.  So, I'll let you see it after it is really done.  I have to take some breaks from the bridal lace in order to not go completely crazy.  I'm on the 4th repeat of the "5
nupps on a branch" pattern.  The blog spell checker doesn't speak Estonian, LOL.  It always flags "nupps".  12,904 stitches so far and I'm just getting started.

Lilo wanted to cuddle earlier and I didn't so she was offended and went outside to be a cat of deep mystery for a while.  She'll be baaaack.  Whoops.  Here she comes back in her favorite cat window.  She must be psychic.  I mentioned her name and here she comes a-runnin' for a pet.

Lilo sez, "Goodnight", too.

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