Friday, August 6, 2010

It's time for Nate

Hello, Everyone,
It's a lovely summer Friday afternoon in San Diego, not too hot.  I feel ok and I'm listening to Jerry Lee Lewis play honky-tonk music: I got a woman,  Chantilly lace. The great thing about JLL is all the stuff he originated.Very raw.

Nate camr to visit Gramma for the weekend.  Here we are at Tip Top eating lunch, specifically his fav, Schwartzwaelderkirsch, or, as he calls it, "Cherry chocolate cake".

Lilo sez she wants some attention.  Then she faces away when I try to get her pic.  She is always in motion, so very hard to photograph.  

Now she is rolling on the floor, really jonesing for attention, this one. 

Did I already show you this one?

I broke my chanting beads yesterday, so I'd better make up some new ones. 

See ya,

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