Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot tamale!

Hello, Everyone,

Well, it's hot tonight.  I feel fine, just hot.   It's a little after midnight, Wednesday morning actually, and the temp is over 80 in my house.  Humid, which is uncommon for us in San Diego.  Sticky.   Summer is finally here in force.  The pink "naked lady" lilies are blooming in the yard.  A big bunch of them on the dining room table are making the house smell good.

I had Vietnamese spring rolls for dinner at my friend Nhien's house.  I went there for a Buddhist meeting, but she asked me to join them for dinner first.   Wow!  Her home-made dipping sauce is way so much better than what they serve in restaurants!!!   I never knew what it was really supposed to taste like before!!!  Awesomne!   Hers is full of little super hot peppers and generally super yummy. 

 I'm listening to Sahbeesation, which I have not done in years.  Very interesting. . 

Boy, did I have a big benefit today.  Last week Heather and I took Nate swimming.  She was putting sun screen on my back and she noticed a couple of colorful spots and remarked that it would be wise to show them to a dermatologist.  I thought, "With no health insurance, how am I going to pay for that?"  So I'm chanting under my breath and thinking about this, but no answer was obvious.  We stopped at Sammy's for Pizza, and there, sitting in the parking lot was a "doc in an RV" from Aveena, with a dermatologist inside doing one exam after another.  Community service from Aveena.   I signed up and got the next to last appointment.  He did not like a spot on my shoulder. He thought it looked like another basal cell carcinoma, as in cancer.  And close to the other one I had removed in January which is not good if that means it spread from one spot to another.. The words  "spread" and "cancer" do not belong in the same sentence.   So on Monday I called Dr K and asked for an appointment.  He squeezed me in today before his normal start of day to do a quick biopsy. . (Wasn't that nice of him?)   He did not agree that the spot was anything much, certainly not cancer, nothing to worry about and did not do any biopsy.  No cancer!  Then he did not charge me for the visit.. (Now that was really nice of him!!!)  Thank you, Dr. K, you rock.    Dan took me to Bread and Cie to celebrate, best coffee and pastry in town. (See: ) Dan really is a big sweetheart.  He rocks, too, you know. 

I finished a pair of socks.  For my size 14 big foot nephew. 

These are "cheaters" as the tops that show when worn are plain black, while the feet are brightly colored.  The colorway is the German flag.   Into the Christmas drawer, with you!

Last night I came up with a new way to do juzu beads.  I crocheted them.  Interesting.

More flexible than strung ones, nice to use.  I hope they last.

And now one in progress so you can see how it's done.

Neat, huh?

Lilo and I are trying our best to keep cool.  She's sprawled on the floor in front of the fan.   You keep cool, too, ok?  I can't believe we were complaining about the cool, foogy summer we had  ... bring it back, please!


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