Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bowling, anyone

Hello, Everyone,

It's a very warm Indian Summer Sunday late night, following a scorching hot day, complete with triple digit temps and the hot, Easterly winds we old time San Diegans call "Santa Ana's" .  I know it's a misnomer, but that's what we call them just the same.   I'm listening to cooling guitar music from the Restful Mind.  I feel great other than being a bit hot.  Life is good!

Dan stopped by the grand opening of a new Fresh and Easy grocery store this morning and won a $25 gift card.  Way to go, Dan.

I had a fun day.  I went to a lovely Buddhist meeting at Evelyn's house and then took her with me to have Thai food with the kids for my birthday at, you guessed it, Amarin Thai.   Aey was our server and she is very nice.  She made me a special plate of home-made tasting coconut ice cream with whipped cream and a birthday candle.  We sang and it was fun.  Thank you, Dare.

Then we went bowling, LOL. 

First time I've bowled in maybe 10 years.  Great fun.  Nate was so cute.  
He bowled pretty good for a kid, beating me.  His mom skunked all the rest of us.  She was in triple digits.  I bowled a 49.  With the kiddy bumpers up.   I actually did the comedy thing where the ball flies off your fingers backwards at the people in the sitting area, LOL.  I get the prize for world's worst score, but it was fun.

When it was time to go Nate was sad.  He was having a great time.

Well, we had a lot of silly fun at the bowling alley.  Thank you, Ambie.

Then, we had adventures.  When we went to leave the bowling alley, the car would not start.  There were some guys hanging out in front of the Bowling Alley who helped us push start the car - Thanks, Guys.

Then we drove to the nearby auto parts store, and Dare bought me a new battery. I really appreciate it.  Thank you.

Then the guy from the auto parts store installed it, while we sat in the shade and had cool drinks.  Thank you, Auto parts store Guy.

Then we took Dare home, then Evelyn, then home for us and a well earned nap.  All's well that ends well.

My friend Eri is expecting this winter, so I am knitting baby stuff.  I'll post pics when I get them done.  Baby stuff is so cute and so much fun to knit.  Especially for a winter baby.  Snugly little sweaters, darling booties and hats, etc.  When I finish blogging I'll get back to the cute baby sweater with a flower petal yoke I've been working on.

Lilo sez "hello" to her adoring fans, swishing back and forth, stroking my leg with her tail in a all her pristine whiteness.  She likes to help me blog and it's too hot to sleep anyway. 

Time to go and find an icy cold drink.  Dean Martin is playing now, "Ain't that a kick in the pants", so he must have suggested it to me, LOL.   With 3 maraschino cherries and maybe some gown-up beverage additions, LOL.  Hey, Dan, you tending bar tonight? 

Julie (with Lilo posing prettily and Dan tending bar)

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