Monday, September 20, 2010

Thai one on

It's late Sunday night in San Diego, I'm ok and the weather was lovely all day.   I'm listening to Ottmar Liebert play "Summer of Joy" on Sky.

I enjoyed a Buddhist study meeting this afternoon. This is the material we discussed if you are interested.

I finished some beautiful socks, dark green with cream and multi color work, but I can't show them until I give them, as the recipient reads this blog.

This evening we went to Amarin Thai again.  Wow, are they great cooks!  We had the Tom Kha soup (creamy and flavorful), the beef salad (wonderful rare beef), chicken satay (moist and tender), Mambo Mambo Chicken curry with rice (wow! best flavor curry ever, my fav), beef pad thai (Dare loves this, but I like more egg and other adornments), garlic pepper shrimp (crunchy and garlic-ey, on a bed of sauteed shredded cabbage, more garlic than you can imagine, Dan's fav).  There was plenty left over for Dare's lunch tomorrow.  Next time maybe we'll try the tiger beef.

For a little quickie place in a Mira Mesa strip mall, the food is amazing.  The servers are nice girls, helpful and and attentive.  Good attitudes all around.  Prices excellent for the level of quality of the food.  I'd go again in a heartbeat. They play this interesting modern Bassa Nova music, very sexy sound.  Like this 
'Way cool.

Lilo is meowing at me.  She wants to go to bed.  Ok, Lilo.  I'm coming soon.

'Night all,

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