Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heather's mother of the groom jacket

Hello, Everyone,

Well, it's good to get back online.  My computer died after a week inthe computer ER and I'm trying to get everything working on the new one now.  I went through major internet withdrawls.  Bur we're good, now, if I can only get everything set up right and working again.

It's a warm summer night after a lovely warm (but not terribly hot) summer Labor-Day-Sunday.  I feel good.  I'm listening to random music from my library via randmp3.exe.  Right now it's playing Klezmer music.  I have an eclectic library of music.  Now it's "Only the Lonely".    LOL.

I enjoyed World Peace Prayer this morning, then a nice steak on the barbie lunch with Dan, then an afternoon pool party at Larry's, then had a nice dessert with Dare since we usually do Sunday evening together and by then I was 'way too full for dinner.  

I've been doing a lot of juzu beads, but I can't show them to you, since I don't have the camera sync working yet on the new computer.  Working on it.  Tech support says I need to buy a new $40 adapter, Sigh.

Heather finished her jacket for her son's wedding in Oct.

Circular construction with fou-fou yarn and sparkle yarn at the outer edge and the sleeve edges.  Really cute on her.  Right now she is closing it with a shawl pin.  She could add a button if she wanted, but she is still thinking about that. 

She had a really great benefit last Tuesday.  She and Ron were at the hospital for a routine doctor's visit in the same building, when they decided to walk downstairs and have breakfast in the cafeteria.  As they passed the ER, Ron began experiencing chest pains.  The staff whisked him right in and he got instant care.  One stent later they released him to go home and today, Sunday, he came out to World Peace Prayer!!! Talk about a speedy recovery.   If you have to have a heart attack, that's the place to do it!  A few feet from the ER...

Here's the piece he sent family and friends.

Talk about protection....

Lilo is helping me blog and sends hugs and kisses to her adoring fans... silly kitty.  She knows she is so pretty and white and oops, not so clean tonight.  I wonder what she was doing.  No collar again.  She is the darndest cat for losing her collar when out on adventures.  I always get her the breakaway kind.  This last time she also lost the nice name and phone number tag Amber got her.  Sigh.  Have to get her a membership in the Collar-of-the-month Club, LOL.

Nite, All,
Julie and Lilo

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