Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bowling? Maybe not!

It's a warm Thursday barely-morning after a steamy day in San Diego. My mood is pretty good.   I'm listening to some juicy Bossa Nova on   What is it about Portuguese?  They could read a grocery list to the music and it would sound sexy.

I don't usually complain much in my blog, I find it unseemly, but I guess I should clarify the bowling post from Sunday night. Turns out, Arnold I'm not.

Well, some of you that know me, know that I have a pretty serious case of Sjogrens, a form of arthritis.  So on Sunday I was not exactly bowling in the usual way.  Not being able to hold the ball in the usual way was, however, not a problem to a resourceful person like me.  I two-handed the light weight  "baby ball" the lanes folks gave us for my grandson to use, and I was able to get it down the lane. We had the "bumpers" up on the sides so that the ball can't go into the gutter, so it's more like shooting pool, with the ball careening back and forth as it staggers toward the pins, but staying in the lane.  Lots of fun.  I had a great time. World's worst score, but fun.  However, I have been paying the price for this fun the last few days.  Nothing really works right, but especially my hands, most especially the right one.  Oh, well.  I've been dipping them in the hot wax therapy.  Some years ago I had a carpal tunnel operation done and the physical therapist used the hot wax to loosen things up so that she could work on me.  So, I got a hot wax machine at her suggestion  (sold in the beauty supply store as a cosmetic item).  I use it from time to time, especially in the winter.  Well, it's been in use all right this week, LOL.  Maybe not bowling next time.  We just did one line.  Dan sat out and watched the rest of us get silly, maybe he was the smart one.

I've been making lots of fun crocheted juzu beads in bright and pretty colors.  Maybe I'll post the pattern if I can figure out how to describe what I do. I give them away as fast as I make them.  But I'm really clumsy right now with the right hand not working normally.  Sigh, soon I'm be a "happy hooker" again,  LOL.

Lilo is busy guarding the front door.  Earlier I had it open for the nice cool evening air and a big old gray tom cat tried to come into the house.  She hissed at him and puffed up as big as possible, so I shut the door.  Now she is on guard.  This afternoon I put some catnip on the little rug next to the computer where she likes to wait for me to finish using the computer or blogging.   She just loves that.  She rolls around on it and gets kitty-drunk. Poor thing, now her mood is spoiled and she is on high alert.

See ya soon,

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