Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

We went to Dan's Mom for brunch. She loved her red lace Tango Shawl.  They tangoed off to the theater to see Old Wicked Songs at the North County Rep with a couple of friends.  We saw it last week.  It's good, very thought provoking.

Then, this afternoon we went to lunch with the other side of the family and had Cambodian food at Ly's Garden on 54th, just south of El Cajon Boulevard.  It was great.  The jellyfish and shrimp appetizer was great.  The fried scallops were good. The Manila clams tasted phenomenal.   The salted crab was over the top.  These boys know their way around seafood.

Remember the blue lace shawl  I was working on in the Vietnamese restaurant? 

Well now it's done.

I am especially fond of the buttons.


Having pigged out twice today, I'm headed for a nap. Groan! 
Lilo wants to go, too.  She loves nothing more than a nap on my lap when I'm napping, too.

See ya...  (Notice the new haircut.)


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