Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lilo's secret

Memorial Day Monday, cool and overcast most of the day, but got sunny in the afternoon.  Usually San Diego is warmer than this by Memorial Day.

When I got back from my recent cruise my in/outdoor  kitty, Lilo, was missing for 24 hours.  The food we left for her to eat while we were away was relatively untouched.  I was really worried something had happened to her.  So, after a day...  she shows up....  very surprised to see us and my first thought was that she was out in the canyon and would be skinny and dirty.  But, no. She was sleek and clean and had gained weight.   Now Lilo has a sensitive digestion and it's hard to put weight on her.  She throws up if she eats too much.  So, she is usually skinny.  But here she is fat and happy.  Sounds like one of the neighbors adopted her for the duration of the cruise.  Here she is admiring herself in the mirror.

 Here is a picture of my purse, taken by hitting the shutter by accident. I thought you might like to see the crazy gold sequin purse I took on the cruise.   Hey, we have to look the part.

Dan, about to disembark the cruise. 
I had my grandson for the weekend.  I'm always so glad to see him. We had fun is our usual ways, like lunch at Mickey D. I visited friends with 3 little boys.  He always likes that. 

This is Nathan helping me wash dishes and only a 5 year old can do it.

Always fun to play in the water at Grandma's, huh?  We always have a great time together. 

We went to Balboa Park to ride the kiddie train and the carousel.

We met his parents at Tip Top Meats  www.tiptopmeats.com/ for dinner to hand him back to them. It's half way between us.  Fun place with great German food, and inexpensive.  Also a butcher shop and a German grocery store, and a wine shop with the best European wines.

See ya!

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