Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hi, Everyone,

It's Thursday night, cool (55) and clear.  I went artho-swimming with Heather today in Clairemont, so I'm feeling pretty good.   After the swim Dan and I were looking for a cheap and quick and good lunch.  I had picked up a 2-fer coupon for Joe's Pizza, 5583 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard,, so we stopped by there.  We had a really nice time.   Super nice people, good salad bar, Sobe included on the fountain drinks (yeah).   Beer if you want it.   The pizza bar had good thin crust New York style pizza, lots of choices, fresh, hot.    All you can eat for $8 weekday lunch, and some other times.  Nice, friendly local joint.  I recommend it if you are in the area.  I'll have to bring Mr. Pizza (Nathan) next week when he comes to visit.  I'm a kid at heart, I guess, but I love pizza, too.    Sorry, no pics of Joe's  this time. 

But here is one of Nate on a previous pizza adventure. It's his fav.

This evening I attended a meeting in the neighborhood of Claire de Lune, so I was waiting for Dan there after the meeting over decaf and cookies.   Full of kids, comfy chairs, kind of fun, but loud.  It's a little dark for lace knitting, but I got a few rows done.

Dark lace knitting in Claire's.

I really appreciate Dan who tirelessly transports me in the cooler months when I can't drive.

On the knitting front, it's lace, lace, lace and nupps, nupps, nupps. 

Lilo hated the rain last night, so she kept jumping up on the bed and poking me awake to tell me about it.  Like maybe 10 times.  Tonight I am getting a good night's sleep if she has to sleep in the living room.  Lilo's evicted from the bedroom for tonight.  She's asleep on the bed right now, so obviously she didn't get the memo.  Yet. 

Good night,

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