Monday, July 26, 2010

Dare's socks

Hello Everyone,
It's late. Warm, foggy summer Sunday night in San Diego.  I'm listening to an Argentine radio station that plays gaucho music.  Country western to the Argentines.   I slept earlier and then got up, so I guess my sleep is in 2 pieces today, LOL.  I'm ok, just a little stiff after tripping and falling flat on my face Saturday night.  Thank heavens I did not break anything, or otherwise seriously injure myself.  I stepped on a piece of paper, that slid on the carpet and  slipped out from under me.  Careful, paper is slippery and loose papers on the floor are dangerous.  

I finished Dare's belated birthday slipper socks, but then we did not end up having dinner together in the evening after all.  Oh Well, I'm sure we will get together soon.  BTW, for you sock knitters...  The trick to "no-holes" at the corners of the short row heels is to pick up 2 stitches  at each corner when done with the short-row heel and resuming rounds.  One is in the bottom of the gap between the two needles, and the other is on the side of the fabric held by the left hand needle.  It almost looks like an extra row on that side, so pick up a stitch in it.  I hope I am explaining that clearly.  Then the extra stitches are decreased like mini gussets.  I also increase a couple stitches on each side of the heel in the last row before the  heel starts.   This makes the heel deeper and it fits Dare better.  I do not do it for everyone.  The extra stitches are also decreased in the mini-gussets. 

Lilo is happy, I shared my roast chicken with her at dinner.  She opened one eye to say "Hi" to all her fans and then went back to her nap. She lost hr collar again, sigh.  Have to get her yet another one. 

Good night,

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