Friday, July 23, 2010

Girly, Girly

Hello there, Everyone,

Today is a coolish overcast breezy morning, as unlike San Diego in July as I can remember.  I feel great and I'm sipping a  lovely cup of cardamom tea. Drew Tretick is playing romantic violin on my player. I'm fightin' back, you gloomy weather, you. 

Heather and I had a girly day yesterday.  First we swam.  Then we  had Vietnamese food for lunch from the little Pho place across from the nail salon.

Then we got manicure/pedicures.
We were testing out the plum polish that is planned for the wedding in October.  It was so much fun.  We told Susan and Mimi (the manicurists) that we were doing the same plum polish and we both wanted flowers, but that there was a competition to see who did the best flowers.  They really got into it and had a big laugh.  Susan won.

Those are my swim booties drying in the breeze on the porch. 

I'm playing with more hairpin lace. Pink and foo-foo.   Lots of fun!

Lilo opened one eye to say hello.  She is sleeping on the foot of the bed.  That's what SHE thinks of this gloomy weather.I think I'll do something silly, like go and have a hot dog for lunch at the Price Club. 

See ya,

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