Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hats, a scarf and a beautiful new shawl

Hello, Everyone,

It's a strange cool, cloudy, moist summer day, very untypical for us in July in San Diego. The music playing is Audrey's Kitten with a Whip.   Too bad that band broke up.

I feel fine and I'm heading out soon to swim with my sister.  Lilo is helping me blog as I am eating some yummy Mexican-style turkey soup and she is hoping I will give her a bite of turkey.  Nah!  Hmmm....        Oh,  Alright, here's a tiny bit for you to taste, Lilo.  She and I both love turkey.  Her digestion is so tricky I can only give her tiny tastes of "people food".  Now she's happy.

But I just had to stop and blog the pretty new shawl I finished late last night. 

It's hairpin lace, which I have not made since the 70's.  It's delicate lace weight, fine and ephemeral.  I just love it.  Tell me again, why did we stop making hairpin lace???  I love it.  And it works up fast.  Here's a detail.

The pattern is not entirely mine, although I made some changes.   It's a riff on the free pattern by Coats and Clarks.  The lace strips are 4 inches wide instead of 3, and the strips are  finished in swirling loops instead of points.   I think I'll make another one incorporating the ideas that came out when making this one. Let's see of I find time.

Here are the knit hats from the hat-jag I went on.

The tweedy ones are great for using up scraps. 

This is a pretty beaded keyhole scarf in a wavy lace pattern. Here's the detail.

 It's fun to do beads like that.  I'm trying to think what else I finished during the time I was too busy to blog.  As I think if things, I'll blog them. 

Here's Nate at Mission Bay Park, eating a strawberry paleta on a hot day we had last week. 

Got to run and swim. 

See ya!
Julie and Lilo, who thinks she is now my very best friend..

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