Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More finished objects

Hello Everyone,

It's a cold, breezy, overcast, foggy summer Tuesday in July!  What a strange day in San Diego!  We are having the weirdest summer I can remember.  There was a  show on the cable educational channel recently featuring a local meterology  prof from SDSU.  He was talking about how global warming had changed things in the ocean off the coast of Alaska, which increased the volume and changed the angle the Humbolt (cold) current comes down the coast of California.  As a result the cold current is flowing inside of the offshore islands, close to the coast, rather than the usual path outside the islands.  As a result the ocean close to the shore is cooler, casusing the coastal cloudiness and fog.  The end result is that the earth as as total is warmer, but that makes the California coast cooler this summer.  I dunno.  At least we do not have the killer bone dry heat waves, knock on wood.  If we have a cool, damp summer, we may escape the usual autumn wild fires.  That would be good.   I feel fine except for the pain in my knees, they don't like this dampness.  Funny that I am blogging a weather rant.  San Diego is usually immune to such, LOL.

I'm listening to Sergio Mendez's Encanto.  For those of you who remember the Sergio Mendez Brazilian beat from the 60's, this is a younger relative, I think his son.  Kind of super laid back dreamy Brazilian dance music.  Goes well with my cardamom tea. 

Here are some more finished objects.

I found the light blue mohair knitted lace scarf in an UFO pile.  I finished it off and then did a cute little hairpin lace cousin.  The three hats are another peach cable job, another tweedy one and  one I like very much, one in a colorway called Peruvian Mix. My gift drawer is filling up nicely.

Lilo slept with me last night, she hates the cold and fog,.  I think she is still on my bed, snuggled in the blankets to keep warm.  She's so spoiled. 

Tomorrow I'm going to a potluck luncheon, so I'd better think about what I'm bringing. 

See ya, happy knitting,

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