Friday, February 17, 2012

boundless hope.

Hello, Everyone,
Its a mild Friday evening in San Diego, February like this is why we live in San Diego. Listening to Jullian Bream play classical guitar on Pandora. My cold is slowly getting better.  I'm at the almost done stage, but for a horrendous, deep cough.

We ate at Bunz, a new place in Mission Valley.At the Day's Inn.

Super dooper dogs and burgers are their thing.  Dan had a big jucey burger he enjoyed very much.  I had a Ceaser salad with a chicken breast, the the chicken was moist, not overcooked.  They do homemade ketsup, out of this world. Local brewskis.

Nice servers, good food. The most popular dish is the TJ dog, wrapped in bacon.  They were out of dogs by the time we got there.  Barbara, are you listening?  You would love this place.  There is a french toasted cinnamon bun on the breakfast menu. I think we'll go back for that.
 Dan's everything fries.

Lilo sez Hi to her fans. She is helping me post.
G'nite all,

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