Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pomegranate, yes!

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone,

I hope you are having fun today.  My Halloween spidey was so cute we left him up, so he is playing with the lilac Valentines heart lights.  I do get a lot of mileage out of holidays.

It's a cold windy Tuesday night in San Diego.  I'm listening to Incendio play Luna on Pandora.  My cold is getting better.  I feel better today, no fever.

Dan and I went to Pomegranate, a Russian restaurant in North Park. No Valentine's Day crush there.  The decor is rustic, country hunting lodge style, very comfy.  The staff is young Russian kids, probably college kids, very nice and helpful.  The food was so good.  Freshly baked, warm bread with hotel butter (herbs and garlic mixed in), wonderful chai with cherry concentrate instead of sugar to sweeten.

  Great meaty, tasty soup, Georgian style.  Then  steamed dumplings (Like ravioli) in a yoghurt herb sauce, other dumplings made with pastry like empenadas with beef and mushrooms inside. Everything yummy.   Baked apple stuffed with dried fruit and walnuts for desert.  We had fun.  Not cheap, but not too expensive either.  I'd go again.  Next time I'm getting the Stroganoff.

I chanted Nam myoho renge kyo with Park West district at 7.  It was nice.

Lilo is staying in and being good.  It's cold outside.  She's sitting in the dark with her back to me, whatever that means.


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