Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heather's new Boat

Hello Everyone,
It's a coolish, breezy Thursday afternoon in San Diego, I'm listening to Goldfish Memory on Pandora.  I'm drinking orange tea and eating a tangerine, trying to get over the end of this cold.  Dan went to visit his folks, so the house is mine!
Heather bought a boat without a motor, the shipyard guy sold it to her for the price of the delivery.  She's going to renovate it and use it for the internal amenities as a guest house.   So, Here is their new cabin cruiser yacht, the "WIGWAM", staked out permanently in the back yard.

Heather is busy sewing new cushions and pads for the dining area.  Brad is going to remodel the tail area to make a little patio with seating and a table for an outdoor eating area.  There is  broken hatch cover that Brad is also going to fix.  She likes the fixin' part. So I guess we won't see much of the Jago's for a while.

Lilo is asleep on my bed, keeping warm and watching the Doctors.  She likes the hunky young one.

I'm knitting on the same grey, red, black and white socks I showed you before, almost done, 1/2 inch to go.

See YA,

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