Friday, February 3, 2012

Party time!

Hello, Everyone,
It's a warm Friday night in San Diego.  I hear it's winter? Just got back from a party in the OC.  Feeling good.
Listening to Jessie Cook play Mario takes a walk on Pandora. Go, Jesse.   Eating dark chocolate M&M's.  Life could not be better.

I asked Heather to write up the pattern for sale on Rav.  Let's see if she does. Busy gal, just bought a boat to boot.

Here are the party pics:
Blogger is not letting the rotate "stand".
Pretty Mamma, but she never stands still... not since she was born.

Lots of 8 year old action.

Who likes pop corn?

I just wish someone would stand still.
Cute lil' guy.
Kids, more kids.

Ready to go play.
Grampa loves his little girl.

Lilo is swishing her lovely white tail against my leg, wanting a mention in the blog.  Hello, from Lilo to all her fans.  She has been soooo good lately, I almost wonder what she is really up to.

See ya soon,


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