Monday, February 13, 2012

'Monster' socks

Hello, Everyone,
It's a cool,windy, rainy Monday night in San Diego.  I have a cold and I'm trying to keep it from getting worse.  I'm drinking tea and listening to Hector Villa-Lobos play classical guitar on Pandora. 

I finished some socks made from the leftovers of the Christmas socks.
Lots of leftovers, Frankenstein monster sock as the Germans say.  Cute.
Balbriggan heel and toe, brick stitch colorwork. I already had someone in the family request them for next Christmas.

These are the new WIP. The red and black stripes are leftover-from-Christmas yarn, the nulti is new.

I went to lunch yesterday at Juan Chou in southpark.  Lunch was $50 for 2 and there was hardly any carne asada in my carne asada burrito.  I'll never go back.  The owner was there with lots of bad attitude.  He can keep it!

Lilo keeps poking her head outside and then coming back in.  She really wants to go out, but the weather is too wet for her. 

Dan is coughing away in the bedroom.  I wish he'd take some Musinex.

See ya later, I'm going to put a little cinnamon schnapps in my tea.

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