Thursday, January 6, 2011

amber's great party

Hello Everyone,
It's a coolish and clear late  Wednesday nite/Thursday morning in San Diego, warmer than it has been and no wind.  Great! I'm feeling better than my last post, trying to put the bug behind me.   I'm listening to Rita Ford play Victorian music boxes.  Better than it sounds.

We had fun at the Knit @ nite.  Good knitting, good friends and good food.  Linda's sweet potato/pecan  dish was out of this world.  I took my famous home-made lemon dressing of a romaine heart and walnut salad.  Yummy

Heather sent me some pics from Amber's Birthday I'd like to share with you. 

We were at the Red Lobster and had a great time.  I had a steak and lobster tail special and enjoyed it very much.  Steve had honking huge meaty crab legs, wow!  It was actually worth picking the crab.  Thank you, kids, for inviting me.

Here's a preliminary design pic of Ron's boat.  This one is from December, but it shows the sails.  The one in yesterday's post is the latest and greatest of the hull.

I'm 10 rows into my Oslo walk shawl variant. A few mods, LOL.  Blue Pagewood Farms variegated sock yarn, 100 crystal beads on the bottom edge. top edge is going to be I cord and the short row section is garter in mine.  Lace pattern is different.  Muenchen walk shawl maybe...

Lilo is in my bed keeping warm up against Dan.  Maybe I should join her....


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