Friday, January 7, 2011

Heather's shawl

Hi, Everyone,
It's a cool early Friday morning in San Diego.  I've been up, sewing animals onto a baby quilt. I'm listening to Vivaldi on XLNC1.   I feel pretty good, I think I'm over my bug. Dan is also much better.

Heather sent me some pics of the new shawl her friend gave her.  It is really lovely.

Beads, silk and kid mohair, yum!

Lilo just came in, she must be psychic.  She knows when I'm blogging.  She's all pretty and white and fluffy when she's been playing outside in the cold.  Probably chasing mice.

We had the best breakfast this morning  We had a croissant breakfast sandwich from the local donut shop.  Yummy. A croissant stuffed with ham, bacon, cheese and egg.  The thing is so big we split one.  Gotta love it.

Lilo sez, "Happy mouse hunting to all my feline friends." 
Julie and Lilo

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