Monday, January 10, 2011

Ron's boat

Hi, Everyone,

It's a lovely cool, clear winter Monday morning in San Diego.  I finally got caught up on sleep after a couple of weeks fighting a slight cold that kept interfering with my sleep. I feel pretty good.  Dan is making tea and he looks good today, no more chipmunk effect.  He's feeling better, too.  When I sleep better, he gets more sleep. too. 

I went to see my friend Mitsuko yesterday and she gave me a belated New Year's present, chocolate macadamia nuts.  So, I know what I'm having with my tea, ha!  I gave her a hand stitched bead case on New Years, you all saw it earlier.

I'm listening to the Christmas Channel on  I know, it's after 12th night, but I guess I'm not quite ready to give Christmas up just yet.  Silly me.  The tree is still up too. Big sigh.  Gotta get to it.

Ron sent me a new sailboat design picture.....

He and Brad are building this at 1 meter scale.

I was listening to this recently and it is really great.  Brene Brown.  I've never seen that first name before.  I'll have to pick up one of her books and check her out.  She seems really interesting.   Gave me some ideas to chant about.

Have you seen baby jacquards florals yarn by Bernat?  Very interesting computer-driven print.   I have a skein and I'm thinking about it. Knitted up it looks like a floral print band set into coordinating stripes of solid.

Lilo sez, "Hi".  She's sitting by my feet, dozing and acting innocent.  She was so bad over the weekend that Dan and I seriously talked about calling Turkish Van rescue and seeing if they could help us find her a new home. It's nbot that I don't love her.  She has been really cranky lately.  She hates winter, so she kept biting me out of the blue for no particular reason.  I had just absolutely had it after a particularly bad series on Saturday morning.  I was rushing to get dressed and out the door for an early training class I was taking, and she kept interrupting me to bite me. Hard.  Also, she had the night before jumped into my lap for pets and then dug her claws into my legs until she drew blood.  I told her Saturday as soon as I had time after my training class I was calling Turkish Van rescue.  I guess she figured this out.  She has been very, very, very good ever since. 

Turkish Van cats are an odd lot. Very pretty and dainty. They like to swim (they'll jump in the family pool, love to run in the rain), good hunters, one person cat, not crazy about other cats, can't really relocate to a new house, not happy campers (go through life with ears usually back), very bad attitude with people, never really get it that the human is in charge.  Affection seems to trigger aggression.  Rub your legs and then bite you.

I've never had a biter cat before Lilo.  After a lifetime of lovely cats (maybe 15 beautiful, loving cats), Amber gave me Lilo when her honey was too allergic (Vans shed a lot).  More "Cattitude" than I've ever seen before in a cat.  She just does not get it that her behaviour is unacceptable.  I've tried all the usual, (No!, water squirters, remove her to another room, lots of love and praise when she is not biting, etc), but she just refuses to "get it".  She thinks her troops are acting badly when I discipline her and bites me all the more.  When we were at Lake Isabella I saw a sign on a mailbox "free kittens, inquire within" and I very nearly went for it.  We'll see, Lilo fans, we'll see.  She needs to turn it around this winter if she is going to continue to live "chez Lanner".  Just now she came to be petted and then she snapped at the air in my direction.  Just letting me know how she feels.  You're on thin ice, Cat!

See ya,

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