Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On the Sajj

Hi, Everyone,

It's late Wednesday night after a coolish, foggy day.  After a couple of days of upper 80's!   We had the AC on in the car Tuesday. Am I confused or is this January?  I feel ok, still have a tail of a sniffle after a cold yet.  I'm listening to piano Concerto #1 by Gonzalo Curiel on XLNC1.  I had never heard this composer before, I like it.

I found a new Lebanese Bakery and grill, Off the Sajj, in Hillcrest.  Yowza, they are good!  The word Sajj refers to the freshly baked flat bread or it's oven, every flat bread freshly baked there.  Make their own sausage, etc.  Great soup.  Try the "pies", more like flat burrritos.  Gotta try 'em when you're in Hillcrest!

Knitting another bridal veil.  Commission.  Ha,ha, I'm as excited as a kid the day before his birthday!  My strange idea of fun.  Cast on 601 stitches yesterday...    I must be crazy!!

Lilo is being very, very good.  I think she understood my very serious talk about "Turkish Van Rescue".  Only one bite since then, and she really got it when I scolded her for it.  I looked on Craig's List and found several Turkish Vans looking for new homes where the owners mentioned "love bites".  Hmmm...  Must be a Van thing, but definitely not a Julie thing!!!  Hopefully she stays in this new consciousness.  She's sleeping on Dan's side of the bed right now.  Keeping outta Momma's way...

See ya,

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