Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello, Everyone,

It's a lovely, bright, sunny, warm Superbowl Sunday afternoon.  A little flash of spring in this silly winter.  I'm listening to David Maldonaldo play Spanish Guitar.  I used to work with him when he had to have a "day job".  Then his gigs took off and he quit his day job.  We had a department potluck and he brought his guitar.  He asked if anyone had any requests, and I asked for "Memories of the Alhambra".  His eyes got big but he played it. 

I feel great emotionally, having a little trouble with my silly old legs, but that should be OK, no long walking planned for today, and I can always use the chair if I need to.  Just having a chair is a great relief, because I know I can never be put in a too-difficult-to-handle-with-canes walking situation.  If my legs won't work I can always use the chair as a backup plan.  It's a great relief to have "Plan B" in the closet, although I only use it from time to time when there is now way to arrange things so I do not have to walk far.  I'm so glad I live in an era of grocery stores having electric carts.  At the recent birthday party, the staff called for their guy with the electric cart and he took me around, wasn't that nice?

My brother-in-law, Ron, sent me some pictures of his boats, including the new one under construction, which is very exciting.

Ron is the designer, he's in the middle.  Brad and Kevin are to the left, they are the actual hands-on craftsmen, mostly Brad.  Kevin is a bit tied up right now building full scale things for aerospace!  You may remember Brad from the wedding last October to Shannon, blogged here.  Shannon is the one who wore the hand knit bridal veil I made.  If you want to knit one, the pattern is on Ravelry, just search on Shannon.  A handful of people are trying to knit it right now.  Just a "little" something for hardcore lace knitters.

Here are some other boat pics. from Ron 

This time it let me rotate it, go figure.

Lilo is sleeping in the sweater drawer.  Nice and cozy.  When I walked past she reached out a paw to pat me so I would know she is in there.  Silly Lilo.  So, that's where you have been.

See ya,

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