Friday, February 4, 2011

It's raining babies

Hello, Everyone,

It's a warm (70 degree) Friday morning after a very cold night in San Diego.  This year you just can't tell what you're going to get.  I'm listening to Mozart.  I got a good night's rest and now I feel fine.  Good-by bug.  Don't let the door hit you in the ....  I don't know if bugs have them, haha.

Today I have so much I want to show you that I'll have to choose one thing or this post will be a book.  Let's talk about the pretty baby quilt I just finished. 

 Unfolding, now wait for it...

 Here's the front.  It was made from a baby print panel I got on sale many years ago (like maybe 20 years ago) and somehow it never got made into a quilt.  It was washed and preped several times to make a baby quilt, but it never made it all the way to a quilt.  Finally I used it this time.  From so many washings it is soft and flexible, so I like it better this way.  It was a little narrow for a crib quilt, so I added some cute teddy bear print panels to the sides. That narrowness (and the need for side panels) is probably why it was not used before.  I found the side panels stored with the quilt, so I had gotten that far last time.

This is the back, a cute teddy bear playing in toys print.

The front and back are seamed to each other and then the quilt is turned right side out.  No binding this way.  I'm not sure why, but I do not like sewing binding.  It's not that it's needle and thread hand work, because I pieced the whole thing, seamed it and quilted it, all by hand.  100% hand made.  No I'm not crazy.  The sewing machine was on the fritz.  We were organizing in the craft room and Dan was helping me move things and he dropped the sewing machine on it's face and the tension knob shaft is broken.  Hmmm, sounds expensive.  Actually, it's Heather's machine, so someday I'll get it fixed for her.  But until then, you can see I am not stopping at all, I just do it all by hand.  Very meditative.  Makes me feel a connection to my grandmother who sewed everything, even men's long sleeve dress shirts for her sons, all by hand. 

I wish we had gotten a close up picture of the little label I affixed to the front with my signature and the date embroidered on it.  

Notice the softly luminous quality of the light in the pictures.  We were under an awning because it was raining cats and dogs.  But we just ignored it and went ahead and had a good time.  We were dry.

The rooster came over to inspect the quilt. Pretty boy.

Lilo is sitting here helping me post.  She is not used to morning blog posts, but she is doing her best to help out, with a pained expression. 

See ya next time,

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