Monday, February 7, 2011

International Dragon Sailboat 1M paint shop & test tank

Hello, Everyone,

It's a lovely spring San Diego Monday afternoon in winter. Sunny, bright, calm, about 77 degrees.   I had a good night's sleep and I feel great.  I'm listening to Nestor Torres play his happy flute in "This Side of Paradise".  Next up is his "Talk to me".

My brother-in-law, Ron, sent more photos of the boat.   It has been painted and then was tested in the tank.  He sez,  "We have news and good tidings.  A crack team of engineers, mechanics, and boatwrights have managed to bring the Solana Dragon Project to an important milestone.  On Saturday, February 5th at around noon the one meter model was graded a complete success by all observers in the fresh-water tank testing phase.  

It was obvious to all that on first contact with water  the INTERNATIONAL DRAGON 1M SAILBOAT needed no further trim or ballast whatsoever.  Hull #101 was quick to stabilize in fresh water on the design fresh water line.  We are now on the way to be under sail in salt water by the Ides of March.   Multiple wood varieties were used in the hull design including Minnesota Bass Wood -- of the type used in making decoys."

Here it is drying in the paint shop.  That's Ron "shopped " in so it looks like a full size boat, LOL.

Here's the hull test in the jacuzzi.

Proud designer.

Here's his blog:

Everything is A-OK.  The boat looks really nice.  Holds the right position in the water when it floats, so they got the weight distribution right, too.  Nice. 

I finished the baby quilt top for Brad's new grand-baby.  I basted together the 3 layers and sewed the binding on.  Now I have 12 squares that are waiting for me to hand quilt a motif in them.  I'm currently auditioning motifs.  I think I'll make a few quilted potholders with the short list motifs.  They have to be not only pretty, but doable.  I think some of the ones I'm looking at are too complex for the size of the block.  The blocks are only 6" x 6", so I can't go too crazy on the quilt motifs.  Hopefully I can send pics soon.

Lilo is being Miss Lovey-dovey today.  Love you, too, Lilo.

Dan just made a French press full of really strong coffee and the wonderful smell has me jonesing for a cuppa joe.  Gotta go.  Lunch is calling my name.  Toasted cheesy kaiser rolls to dunk in the great coffee. Yum.

Julie and Lilo.

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