Thursday, February 3, 2011

Same but different, are we in Olso or Munich?

Hello, Everyone,

It's a late, cold Thursday night after a windy, cold winter day in San Diego.  Like maybe 60 degrees this afternoon and 44 or so right now.  I guess we should not complain here in the Southland.  My sister, Evva, is in New Hampshire shoveling snow.  Her hubby is snow raking the roof.  Cold is a relative concept.

I'm feeling ok now after a rough afternoon.  I took along nap after my swim session, had a fever.  Then I had dinner and went to World Peace Prayer this evening and it straightened me right out...  Maybe I had a touch of a bug.  I'm listening to Julian Bream play Greensleeves on classical guitar.  Peaceful.

I got a couple of pix of the new Munich Shawl I made, inspired by the Olso Walk Shawl.

From the back

In this light (it was raining) you can't see the sparkle of all the beads along the edge.  While a few things are the same as Oslo, many are different.  It is also worked from the outer edge inwards with a wide lace border using short rows to shape the semi-circle.   Now the differences: mine has lots of  beads all along the outer edge.  The lace is 6 inches wide instead of 8.  The lace pattern is different.  The lace points are not blocked out to points.  (Although I might do that later.)   It's made of yummy hand dye fingering weight sock yarn by Pagewood Farms in Alaska instead of laceweight.  The center semi-circle is garter.  The outer edges are 4 stitches of garter.  The top edge is an I-cord bind-off.  It is 48 inches wide instead of 65.

From the front.

Maybe next time I will pin it in place. I think a pin would look nice.  It adds a surprising lot of warmth, wool is like that.  If I get requests I will write up the pattern.  Sales for Shannon 's bridal shawl keep trickling in, so you never know. 

Lilo is hating the cold.   She wants to go out and play but she is too cold.  She is grumpy tonight.

I have lots to tell you, but I need to go to bed now.  Next time I will tell you about the great birthday party we had in spite of the cold and rain.  Guess whose?  Also, 2 new babies coming in the family. One quilt is done and gifted.   I'm going to be a great-great aunt!!!  Pretty baby Quilt is forthcoming for that one, I hope. The top is pieced, now I'm top stitching.  Then I'll assemble on the sesame street backing and hand quilt some pretty motifs, maybe flowers, bind the edges. Lots still to do.  


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